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    KT Corp’s mission is to deliver wholesalers and retailers across the globe with the latest in quality consumer electronics products and services. With products and inventory covering a wide array of notable name brands we can serve as your one-stop-shop for supply chain fulfilment as well as asset liquidation. With 8 years of experience and dedication in the consumer electronic, mobile device, and IT equipment markets, we hold the highest industry accreditation. We specialize in exporting to international markets at highly competitive pricing as well as CE and IT asset disposal. We buy bulk returns, overstock inventory, and trade-in devices at unbeatable rates.

    Regardless of order volumes we provide competitive prices and personalized services to help your business succeed in a fierce marketplace. We take pride in our long-term business relationships and superior customer service. Our experienced technicians ensure quality control of all resale items – our accurate grading ensures only the best devices go to market.


    We’ve cultivated a business culture that places substantial focus on both environmental sustainability as well as corporate and consumer data privacy protection. By providing second life to surplus domestic products we work to reduce electronics waste and fully utilize rare and valuable raw materials that otherwise run the risk of being disposed of. Our commitment to providing for international markets using domestic products means that we can fulfill the needs of high demand and fast growing economies. Our environmentally conscious asset liquidation efforts have earned us R2 certification, a testament to our dedication to responsible recycling solutions.

    Our team consists of highly experienced and motivated professionals who provide their unique perspectives in order to develop innovative and creative solutions for our partners. We strive for full satisfaction of our partners and clients through consistent service, undivided attention, and a great business-to-business experience.


    Asset Recovery
    Corporate Buyback
    ITAD Solutions
    Mobile Marketing


    Mobile Phones and Tablets
    Consumer Electronics
    Computers and Notebooks
    R2 Ready for Re-Use / Re-Cycled Products
    Scrap Electronics Bulk Purchasing


    Currently exporting to over 20 countries – by utilizing our unique marketing strategy we are able to maximize the value of our products for market resale.
    We’re skilled in finding the right marketplace for each product in order to maximize profitability.

    More on Our Electronics Recycling & ITAD Services

    Our electronics recycling and IT asset disposal (ITAD) program is systematically built to streamline and optimize your business, IT, equipment, and hardware disposition needs. We excel at redeployment of refurbished devices and IT equipment therefore subsidizing IT spend in an optimal fashion. In addition to the budgetary incentive of choosing a corporation that knows how to maximize asset utilization our accreditation is key in ensuring proper disposal of sensitive materials. Many businesses overlook the fact that offloading products and equipment onto an unethical or non-accredited company can result in fines and penalties due to citations of improper disposal methods. KT Corp is not only data secure to the highest degree but environmentally compliant in every way.


    Meeting & Exceeding Ecological Standards

    Regulations and requirements are constantly shifting and updating according to industry standards so it’s important to have a company with your best interest in mind and an ear close to the ground. Having years of experience working and parting almost every type of CE and IT hardware we can recognize ecologically sensitive components and how best to utilize or dispose of them while ensuring sustainable practices.

    Premiere Data Security

    We adhere to long-standing business and international regulations through placing the utmost importance on individual and corporate level data security. Any storage devices, IT equipment, or mobile devices that come into our possession are securely wiped through a rigorous multi-level process. We utilize a hybrid approach of sensitive data deletion software as well as manual verification in order to ensure that no personal or business information is leaked to malicious parties. When you sell to us you can rest assured that all data has been eradicated before restoring devices 100% back to their original factory settings.

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    If your business is in need of heavy replacement of outdated IT equipment, call us today to see how we can help you subsidize a full inventory upgrade. We specialize in minimizing deconstruction and repurposing costs in order to bring you the maximum yield for your devices, equipment, and materials. Whether there’s value in the raw materials or an international market for refurbished equipment, we’ll explore every avenue to help you make the most out of your past investments.

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