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About Us

Established in 2013 , KT Corp is a Full Service Wholesaler and provider of ITAD Services worldwide. KT Corp’s core competencies include B2B Global Wholesale Trading, ITAD Services such as Reverse Logistics, Data Destruction Services, Recycling and Remarketing. The success of those endeavors has enabled us to expand our services by offering Buy Back and K-12 University Programs. 

Our Services

All services offered by KT Corp are all compliant to industry standards that ensure that all IT Assets are handled safely and securely allowing our client to maximize value on their product portfolio and return on investment.

Buyback Program

KT Corp Bulk Buy Back Program is a great option if you want to trade your old smartphones or tablets and it is free of charge.

K-12 University Programs

The K-12 Trade-in program can simplify the process of upgrading technology by providing a convenient and hassle-free way to dispose of old devices and obtain new ones.

ITAD Services

Responsible disposal, secure data protection and more.

Grading Scales

KT Corp sets the standards for quality and value.

Become A Reseller

By becoming a partner you can gain  access to to thousands of  models of smartphones ,tablets and more . No minimum is required for your first order, we only ask you purchase in bulk and commit to a trial order of at least 50-100 pcs.

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Industry Certifications

Our procedures comply with R2 v3 and Rios Certified Recycler standards. We understand that recycling and reusing electronics or e-scraping can be hazardous to the environment and can pose health risks. Becoming R2 v3 and Rios Recycler certified ensures that our company follows the best practices to alleviate the risk. 

R2 V3 Certification
Rios Recycler icon
Kt Corp member of BBB
KT Corp is a member of the Reverse Logistics Association



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Jack Liu



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Great local company to work with. They have also conducted themselves with the highest business standard and we continue to do business to this day. I would recommend them to anyone who has interest in working with the best in their industry.

Jacob W.


Your Trusted Partner for Wholesale Electronics and ITAD Solutions