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    KT Corp focuses on supplying retailers and wholesalers across the globe with the latest CE products from the most notable name brands. With 8 years of experience and dedication in mobile phones and consumer electronics markets. We specialize in exporting to International market at the most competitive pricing.

    Whether the volume you’re looking for is small, large, or somewhere between, we can provide you inventory with competitive prices to help your business succeed.

    We’ve cultivated a business culture that is environmentally conscious about reducing electronic waste by providing 2nd life to surplus new and used domestic products by exporting to international marketplaces with high demand. This commitment has to lead us to attain an R2 certification to exemplify our dedication to responsible recycling solutions.


    Asset Recovery
    Corporate Buyback
    ITAD Solution
    Mobile Marketing


    Mobile phones and Tablets
    Consumer electronics
    Computer and Notebooks
    R2 ready for re-use / re-cycle products
    Scrap Electronics


    Currently exporting over 20 countries, with our unique marketing strategy, we are able to maximize the value of our products
    We can find the right marketplace for each product to maximize profitability.

    At KT CORP.

    we specialize in exporting the latest CE products from the largest name brands

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