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Why Chain of Custody protocols are important

Why Chain of Custody Protocols are important blog

It’s important to understand the chain of custody when it comes to standard ITAD practices, because these are vital protocols in ensuring that your assets are protected at all times, here’s a brief list of procedures that must be completed by your itad vendor. 

1.) Asset Identification and Tracking– It’s important that you have a serial number or some type of unique identifier that is designated to each asset for the sole purpose of being able to track it throughout the  ITAD process from the time it was recieved to the final stage of ITAD. It ensures it was not stolen and you are able to retrieve the final record that the asset was properly disposed.

2.) Safe and Secure Transportation- Proper transportation procedures ensure the safety of the IT assets during transit. When ITAD vendors work with transportation companies, important framework has to be developed to make sure they are in compliance. The assets must be properly packaged using protective materials such as bubble wrap , durable padded protective boxes, etc. The transportation company must be able to verify the identity of the person handling the assets. For asset tracking, the unique identifier must be trackable by GPS Technology during transit in order to be able to get a estimated time of arrival. During transportation the assets can be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, so the transportation company should ensure that the shipment is transported within the acceptable temperature and humidity range. For proper security, transportation company should implement security measures to prevent theft or damage to the IT assets during transit. This may involve using security seals,  highly secured locked containers , etc. The transportation provider should also have insurance coverage to protect  in the event if they lose any asset, theft, or damage.

3.) Data Erasure- This process involved destroying sensitive data permanently, before the the asset is disposed to avoid data breaches.  

 4.)  Environmental Compliance- This involves of being able to dispose of the assets in a environmental friendly way that is compliant to industry standards. It consists of recycling, repairing or any other practice that minimizes the impact of the environment.

  5.)Chain of Custody Documentation– Chain of Custody documentation is the process of recording and documenting the entire process of movement of IT assets from their initial use to their final disposition. It’s an important part of the process because it helps keep documentation of the asset management, the tracking and the disposal of the assets. The chain of custody documentation includes a variety of information related to the IT asset, such as its serial number, make, model, and condition, as well as the date and time of each transfer or action taken with the asset. This documentation helps to maintain the chain of custody by providing a clear record of the asset’s movement throughout its lifecycle.

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