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What is a Data Destruction Plan and why is it important?

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I know that data breaches are a popular topic these days, but they are a big deal and have resulted in many organizations revenue losses and legal trouble over the years. So it’s important for your company to avert from anything that damages your credibility and reputation as a business, these problems can hinder your company’s growth. It’s a subject of ethical concerns that becomes a obligation for a Company that respects customer privacy rights  to ensure that all company electronic data that is stored on computers and devices are safely stored and secured. This obligation also applies to when a company is ready to upgrade and dispose the devices and equipment that contains confidential information.
What is Data Destruction? Data destruction is basically disposing of equipment that contains data that is no longer needed. There are several different types of data destruction. The most common are Hard Drive and Tape Shredding, Secure Data Erasure, Hard Drive Degaussing, and Solid State erasing. Data Destruction is a important procedure as it provides security against cyber criminals by removing the data safely and securely, this will prevent from anyone gaining unauthorized use of that data. The main objective for data destruction is to eradicate all electronic media, making it unreadable, so in result it is unable to be recovered or traced by hackers or any other unauthorized party. Data Destruction is not that easy as it appears to be , it can be a complex operation , because you cannot just throw the old equipment away without removing the data, each company needs to take a careful approach on who you will be releasing the equipment to, that can be risky handing over devices and equipment that contains important data.
If your company has never used ITAD Services there a few tips that you should consider before developing a plan of action. It’s all best before you develop your destruction plan is that you first identify your needs, in terms of how will you migrate your data and setting up some type of framework that involves how long you will store data within a given timeframe considering the product lifecycles. Make sure you have a internal company policy that adheres to certain legal guidelines and customer privacy laws. Make sure you choose an effective data destruction method as mentioned above. Once you have developed a plan, You must look for company that is certified that offers secure data destruction services, they can offer consultation and offer a plan that works with your company budget also be sure choose a company that offers a effective tracking system. The tracking and reporting systems will assist with tracking variety of devices each with technical specifications data and enabling the ability to generate reports. It can also assist you managing your inventory by the serial bar code numbers assigned to each asset.
If you are considering getting rid of your old equipment , be sure to choose a R2 certified vendor that can handle the task in a responsible and environmentally safe manner. To learn more about KT Corp ITAD Services , visit https://ktcorpworldwide.com

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