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Why is ITAD Sustainability Important?

Why is ITAD sustainability important? Electronic devices contain a variety of toxic materials such as lead , mercury and cadmium, which can harm the environment if they are not disposed of properly.

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The Rise of Circular IT

The concept of circular economy has gained popularity in recent years as individuals and businesses look for ways to reduce waste and conserve resources. One

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Tablet or Laptop

Tablet or Laptop?

Tablet or Laptop? Making a decision to buy a new device these days can be a daunting task, because you have to familiarize between so

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smartphone trends 2022

Smartphone Trends 2022

    The smartphone industry has experienced a lot of growth in the last couple of years,  especially due to Covid 19, there has been

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Best Preowned iPhone
Best pre-owned Iphones

Best Pre-owned iPhones

  We all know when it comes to smartphones, Apple iphones are top rated in terms of quality and performance.  Everything from their unique design,

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The Race to 5 G

Many countries and companies are currently competing to be the first to deploy 5G networks on a large scale. In the technology spectrum, Huawei is

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