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Should you switch to a iPhone 14 ?

Do you think you are due for a upgrade on your iPhone ? I guess you would need to examine your current phone and ask yourself a few questions,  How many years have I been using this phone? Am I satisfied with the functionality ? or is there something I am missing? Well I can say one thing, if you are still using a iphone 7 , I would have to say it is definitely time to for a upgrade. If you have done any research on this topic, you will come to realize that the iPhone has evolved a lot in the last 5 or 6 years.

KT Corp Blog Should you switch to a iphone 14

Faster Chipsets

A lot of the new technology that has evolved since the inception of the iphone 7, the following year 2017 Apple rolled out with the Tru Tone Technology,  A11 Bionic Chip and Face ID. The Tru Tone Technology was a game changer because  it made images more natural when you adjust the brightness settings to fit the screen around them. The A11 Bionic Chip which enabled faster processing speeds with the highest performing 2 cores that are 25% faster than it ‘s predecessor A10. Every year after that, Apple kept releasing  new models with new features including faster chipsets, that reason alone should prove that the newer iPhones are far more superior in terms of faster productivity and efficiency. Now with the A12 Bionic Chip being released the following year, in which there has been a a huge jump in GPU performance. Fast Forward to 2022, The iPhone 14 Pro Max now has A16 Bionic Chipset , which is the currently the fastest the Chipset , it is built with the 4nm architecture with smaller processing nodes that allow more transistors which gives it a 40% increase in CPU performance.

Better Cameras

Cameras keep getting better as time goes along , it’s safe to say that Apple is at the cutting edge when it comes to Mobile Photography. If you are really big on photography and that is the main feature that you are interested in and cannot wait, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best camera thus far, because the ultrawide 48 MP camera has a new sensor with a more focused Quad pixel lens combined with the Photogenic Engine, which allows you to improve the camera shots that were taken in areas that have less lighting.

Battery Life

The battery life of the iphone Pro Max is 19 hrs and five minutes, it has the longest battery life of any iphone in the market right now. So that simply means you will have longer time spans to use the phone, especially if you are someone that is always on the go traveling whether it’s for leisure or work.  

Additional features

Emergency SOS via satellite, and Crash or Fall Detection, which acts as a 911 backup in the event that you have had an accident and if you become unresponsive in a remote area with no cellular or wi-fi coverage, the iPhone will automatically trigger a SOS Emergency notification to Globalstar Satellites which is then  relayed to local dispatch centers. I think this feature can actually be really useful if you find yourself in a life threatening situation. 

Dynamic Island is a part of the user interface that was created as a redesign of the original notch that sits right at the top of the display.This feature that helps to keep you up to date with various notifications such as Apple Pay transactions, low battery alerts, etc. without taking up too much space on your phone, you can also check the current activity like if you are playing music, running timers or receiving directions from Maps .This feature is one of the most talked about and has an appeal especially with younger users, Even the product designer of twitter Charles Patterson once tweeted that the Dynamic Island was the hottest piece of UI I’ve seen in a long time.


So the bottom line as explained earlier,  Apple has proven to be leaders in technological innovation, it’s been over 15 years since the first iPhone came out in the market , The features that we currently use and take for granted, did not exist in iPhones that were released in 2007, from all of the new apps, 3G, 5G, syncing capabilities with Itunes ,and the new enhanced camera features . If you have not experienced using some of these features in these latest Iphones, and you feel that you are missing out in some way by all means you should definitely upgrade, if you can wait,  you can get a slightly older phone. If you are concerned about the camera , slightly slower processor, no Dynamic island that’s on the iphone 14 pro max, then the iPhone 13 might better choice for the time being and then after a year or so you can probably get a iPhone Pro Max for a really good price, just saying.

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