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Should you buy a iPhone 13 or iPhone 14?

With smartphone technology constantly evolving , and the latest release of the iphone 13 last year , it’s exciting to see what Apple does next in terms of the latest enhancements for the newly anticipated iphone 14 . I read some posts online that stated the iphone 14 release is around the corner, the release is scheduled for a September release.

Being an apple enthusiast myself, I think to each is own, personally even though I love tech, I take a long time  deciding to finally buy a new phone and when I do,  the technology is already outdated. I am really simple when it comes to phones , I am happy if it is sleek, yet functional and that it serves it’s purpose.  But if you are someone that just loves iPhones and pays attention to all the nuts and bolts of the design. I can totally understand why you would buy the iPhone 14.

The new roll out will consist of the iPhone 14 , Pro and Max. I also heard that the iPhone 14 has eliminated the mini. So if you tend to like the smaller screens and something more pocket sized , that reason alone can be a good indicator to purchase the iPhone 13 instead.

Rather comparing the difference in  specifications on which one is better,  you should make your choice based on what you will be doing on the phone and what your allocated budget is. So based on my research so far ,it looks like the iphone 14 has faster processing RAM than iphone 13. The  battery size might be larger and the screen might be larger than the iPhone 13’s  5.78″. I heard despite the changes in the specifications , it should generally have the same feel as the iPhone 13. If you are someone that likes to take pictures , you might want to consider the Iphone 14 because it  will have one of the biggest front facing cameras upgrades seen in while. It will come with a autofocus that will improve the video and image quality. The other upgrades on the camera will include a six-part lens as well as a larger f/1.9 aperture. There should be some improvements on the selfie camera as well but only available on the pro models.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max also have adaptive refresh rates, however they only operate at 60Hz speeds,  if fast refresh rates is all you need, good news if you cannot wait for the iphone 14 , you can get the iphone 13 max and the iphone max pro at 120 hz.

The Display and the design specs are the same, however  you should expect to see more colors available. The iphone 14 colors are rumored that there will be colors such as Midnight, Starlight, Sky Blue, Red and Purple. The Phone 14 Pro Max colors will be available in  Graphite, Silver, Gold, and possibly in purple. If you like unusual colors for your phone. In terms of the audio, there does not seem to be any enhancements.

Since this time , there should be no supply or shortage delays to receive , one factor can just comes down to are you willing to wait until September? It’s not that long away and now you can order direct in and expect to receive it within a few days.



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