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As a wholesale distributor, we partner with other distributors, retailers and resellers to distribute mobile equipment and consumer electronics worldwide. We offer the best possible price for all devices in any condition and we can utilize almost every type of device in our liquidation solutions. We maintain great relationships with our existing partners due to our consistent purchasing schedule and payment tiers. KT Corp has a network of hundreds of buyers in over 20 countries worldwide in order to bring you premium pricing and a competitive advantage.

 IT Asset Disposition involves removing all assets tags from your business’s old IT hardware to make sure that they become unlabeled hardware. Kt Corp is a R2 v3 company we follow industry compliant guidelines to ensure that your old assets are handled properly. Here’s a brief overview of our process, for more detailed information, be sure to get in contact with our team.  

Client Industries Served

KT Corp partners with Electronics Resellers

Electronics Resellers

Electronics retailers and resellers often run into issues of overstocked or returned defective merchandise. If those assets are sitting unused, they’re not bringing you the revenue that your company needs to grow. We can help recoup the loss of faulty devices and equipment or simply aid in maximizing the value of your businesses’ buyback system. With our strict data security standards you can ensure the safety of your customers and reputation when entrusting us with data disposal and device refurbishment, resale, and recycling.

Data Centers

In today’s technological atmosphere many businesses and organizations are moving to cloud solutions to transfer and store their data with means less physical data center equipment. If you’re in the process of downsizing or eliminating your data center you can make the most of your existing assets by wholesale reselling to KT Corp. With a secure chain-of-custody process security is our number one priority when it comes to sensitive materials recycling. With deep micro-component recovery and full remarketing of every asset we can bring you the most value for your equipment.

Utility Providers

Utility industry companies often require a large amount of IT equipment used for housing of large amounts of information relating to usage data, statistics, security, customers, and employment records. It’s not uncommon for electronics equipment to become outdated and unusable over time leading – KT Corp can help subsidize the acquisition of new and improvement equipment by bringing you the most value from your previous investments. As with any industry, we take ITAD security very seriously and handle sensitive information with care, in this case as it relates to the public good. Electric, oil, gas, wind, and solar industry providers are all excellent candidates for our buyback purchase solutions.


Clients in the retail industry face the challenge of storing data from manufacturers, supply chain, customer information, logistics, staffing, and human resources. In addition, equipment required for physical locations and headquarters locations often means redundancy and high demand for quality electronic assets. For retailers looking to upgrade their payment portals, data centers, server racks, POS systems, or other essential equipment, we recommend reaching out to find out how we can offset the cost of upgrade through our comprehensive electronics recycling.

KT Corp serves the Medical Industry

Healthcare & Medical Providers

Reliable and up to date medical equipment is one of the chief concerns of any healthcare and medical service providers. With the lives of patients at stake, we understand the importance that valuable equipment can bring to the table. We’re capable of assessing the recycle or resale value of your existing devices and bringing you the most value to put towards improved and up to date devices and equipment. We can recycle x-ray machines, ultrasounds, IV pumps, vital signs readers, glucose monitors, defibrillators, and EKG machines. When it comes to server-side and data storage equipment we understand the high number of regulations that healthcare providers must comply with and offer secure data erasure, data destruction, and hard drive shredding before recycling, refurbishing, or reselling your used or outdated IT equipment.

Education Sector

Educational institutions require a large amount of data and records to keep students and staff documented and tracked. Additionally, grading data and other metrics are an integral part of any educational system. That being said, there are over 120 laws and regulations that must be adhered to when dealing with student records and information. When it comes to sensitive data with the future of our students’ education on the line, you can trust KT Corp dispose of sensitive data in a responsible and compliant manner. Call us today to find out how to can put the value of your old data collection centers, server racks, and educational tools towards new equipment and investments in our children’s future.


Financial organizations, whether they are banking, insurance, or investment require extremely rigorous data protective standards. KT Corp goes to every length possible to ensure the utmost security protocol when it comes to sensitive financial data destruction. Our top priority is not only bringing you the best value for your previous equipment and device investment but protecting your company and client’s data as well as your brand reputation and security. Contact us today to see how we can liquidate your outdated or unusable equipment to put towards you future of your financial organization.

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Regardless of vertical or industry, feel free to contact us today for an expert consultation. Our dedicated account managers have worked with almost every industry imaginable and we can cater our process to suit your business or organization’s various needs. We simplify your needs by walking you through every step of the process , reach out today for more information.