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One of the most important processes of ITAD is logistics, because it ensures that the assets are are fully accounted for and handled safely in compliance with industry guidelines. Companies have a lot of important decisions to make and sometimes face many obstacles managing their overall budget to determine what their viable options are regarding their IT asset cycles. With our client in mind, we want to ensure that we take great responsibility doing part to make sure our customers are saving on cost throughout the entire  IT Disposition process. Our solutions are set in place to make sure that we alleviate the burden of high shipping costs for all of our clients.  KT Corp has partnerships with local transportation companies that specialize in handling customs and are always available for dispatch for everyday pickups and deliveries, which it makes it easier for us to expedite our shipping services if necessary.

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KT Corp has built a customized a framework for reverse logistics that allows to recapture value from the reuse of products and materials . Throughout the returns process, we can work with you to assess the aftermarket sales channels and implement a solution for the disposition following industry standards. Once assets are received, sometimes it is difficult to keep track of such a large quantity of inventory and data, that’s why we created a specialized asset tracking and reporting system that tracks a variety of devices each with technical specifications data that enables the ability to generate reports for our clients. The tracking systems performs a analysis lifecycle by providing information on serial numbers of each product and documentation of each person who handled the materials showing  the date and time any assets were checked in and transferred.  KT Corp ensures that the process is fast and efficient whether you are buying direct from us or distributing your products to us. We are r2 v3 certified and we prepare products for resale responsibly and securely.