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Tablet or Laptop?

Tablet or Laptop

Tablet or Laptop?

Making a decision to buy a new device these days can be a daunting task, because you have to familiarize between so many different brands, various specifications, price points etc. So you have to make the decision to either buy a laptop or tablet. Which one suits you best? There many factors to choose to from. I think it would be best to figure out what you will be doing on those devices and consider the environment you will be using it in the most. Are you using the device for business? school or for personal use ? Also, to focus on the actual specifications that each device has and trying to determine which device you will end up choosing.  When looking for a tablets, you may consider looking at specifications like storage, battery life, processing speeds, screen sizes, portability and hardware connections. For laptops, you would also look for those specifications as well, however for laptops you may want to focus on a couple of extra specifications. The two are ram and graphics card. At this point I would make a clear distinction on what suits you best. For business , if you sit at a desk in a office environment you will most likely doing a lot of typing, and since you will be typing on a touch screen, you may run into issues,  you can use 2 in 1 tablets that come with a detachable keyboard and bluetooth keyboard, but if you are accustomed to using desktops and laptops for typing, you might not be able to capture that same experience.

Which device is more portable?

In terms of portability, if you are a person that likes to travel a lot, I think that the tablet might be suit you better. Although there are some portable and lightweight laptops on the market,  if you don’t have a budget on your next purchase , you may consider buying the Macbook Air models with the new M1 chip. Tablets generally have a smaller  screen, are more lightweight, and they require less components, therefore tablets are a better choice overall.



For storage needs, as I mentioned earlier, you would have to identify what you would be doing the most on your device and estimate how much storage will fit your needs. Depending on what brand of device you use, you may have some limitations, if you are looking for a large storage capacity, however , it is already a known fact that tablets do not contain a lot of storage, due to their size and weight there’s only so much you can store on a tablet. There are options to upgrade storage capacity ,whether you prefer to connect an external storage via USB ports or microSD cards. Even you purchase a standard mid grade laptop, you will still have at least 500GB to work with  vs standard tablet with 8GB -64GB. This is one of the main specifications you might want to pay attention to when you make your decision.


Battery power from a standard mid grade model can run between 3-10 hours on a single charge. Battery power is determined on how often you use your device overall. An average mid grade laptop will usually run for 4 -8 hours, they usually demand more processing power and it puts more strain on the battery.. Tablet’s battery is more efficient because it uses less hardware components, so it will most likely last longer,

Processing Speeds

Identifying a tablet’s speed is determined by the processor , each processor is split up into individual cores. So the more cores a processor has , the more efficient it will be running tasks. The number in the cores is usually noted on the chip nomenclature, for example the apple A12 has 12 cores. The more cores a processor has the more improved multitasking on the device.In most cases the quality of the processor determines the price of the tablet. So if you have determined yet what you will be doing the most on the device at this point, it  will save on your purchase, because if you are mostly going to be using the tablet just for reading purposes or for basic internet use you might just want to buy a lower end tablet, but if you are going to be playing games or creating content with graphics, you will need a tablet with decent processing power. There are many different processors in the market to serve your needs , one of the top processor makers is a company called ARM, they usually offer licenses to companies to integrate the processor on their devices.

Display sizes

Most mid size tablets that are on the market place range from 10-11 inches, if you need larger size, you will most likely find 12-14 displays, however Panasonic and Samsung have tablets ranging from 17-20 inches. For most Laptops, you will find screen displays ranging from 15-16 inches. Your average size laptop is between 13.3- 15 inches.There’s a lot of upsides of having a laptop with a bigger screen, you can have more options for resolution sizes and for adjusting graphics if you enjoy gaming.



There are obviously pros and cons for using both devices , it’s clear that for laptops, you definitely have more power to work with , you can run multiple applications at the same time, and laptops have more storage capacity. In a fast paced business environment you will be multitasking a lot you are more likely to use a laptop. If you are an avid reader and like to travel a lot and are going to use the device for personal use, you more likely to use a tablet.

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