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Smartphone Trends 2022

smartphone trends 2022



The smartphone industry has experienced a lot of growth in the last couple of years,  especially due to Covid 19, there has been an  increase in Digitization within the overall business sector. The shift in the dynamics is changing how people are working and studying , means an increase in demand for  consumption and need for electronic devices and utilization of other related  services.

The overall sales for smartphones in 2022 have reached a phenomenal level , by 2023 smartphone sales are  expected to reach around 1.85 billion. So there’s no doubt that we are moving towards a more mobile direction. If you are in the business, or even a smartphone consumer , you might want to stay on top of some of the latest smartphone trends so I put together a list.         


Wearable Technology– We’ve come along way in the Wearable technology industry, did you know that the first wearable technology dates as far back as the 13 century ? Eye glasses were invented by an Italian named Salvino D’Armati.  If you are not familiar with wearable technology , you can research the Apple watch or companies like fitbit, since then there are  a lot of companies now competing in the industry making similar or other types of wearables. There are alot of benefits to using  some wearable technology devices , especially in the health and wellness sector. With functionality that ranges monitoring your heart rate,  checking how many calories you burned or identifying sleep patterns, there’s no doubt that this technology is here to stay. Some of the most popular  products to watch out for this year are Biosensors, smart clothing, smart rings, medical wearable devices, & smart glasses .

Smarthome Mobile Apps–  We all know that technology makes doing things a little easier, some folks like using apps in their home that can monitor your thermostat in your home, control the lighting or perhaps operating a home security system. Some of the latest and popular smartphone apps this year are Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit Google Assistant (Google Home) IFTTT and Control4.You can use most of these apps for Android or iPhone.

Used and refurbished smartphone Market- Each year that we see an increase of smartphone brands , new functionality, new pricing and the value recognized from phone upgrades, we will continue to experience a demand in this market. Alot of consumers switching to 5G ,will also continue to drive demand. North America will continue to be a major player in the global marketplace since Apple has had a huge impact in the global arena.  By 2027 , it is estimated that there will be over 200 million more used and refurbished phone shipments than 2021. If you would like to learn more about  the used phone wholesale  market and are looking for a trusted iPhone wholesaler, please contact  KT Corp.

Foldable Phones- Later this summer we should see some new changes to the foldable phone market, some of the major brands that will be leading in foldable phone market is no other than Samsung, who are known for  a series of successful launches  in the  Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. So it should be exciting to see what new upgrades awaits for these two models. Microsoft also came out with the Duo 2 in which they are currently releasing new firmware updates  with the latest enhancements for face detection and camera. The new firmware is available to unlocked phones in North America and Europe.

5G-It’s been one of those key buzzwords that we have been hearing  about a lot for a while, 5G networks have been expanding at a rapid pace since it’s inception. 5G has a lot of positive use case scenarios , known for it’s higher speeds and bandwidth etc. It’s a huge improvement over 4G LTE.  So if you are a smartphone consumer that owns a 5G device you will enjoy faster downloads, augmented reality, or  higher quality video, etc.

Cross body Phone Cases- It’s a really basic concept, a phone case with wallet that you can simply wear around your neck, Brands like Keebos is the market leader in these wearable phone cases. With Phone technology becoming faster and more high tech , these wearable phone cases allow you to keep your phone close to you in which will allow you to use phone more frequently, whether you like to post more on social media, or if you like using P2P apps.

There you have it, just some trends that have been on my radar for this year,  will these trends stand the test of time?  One thing is certain , the industry shows no signs of slowing down.

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