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KT Corp Certifications

The consumer electronics industry is constantly changing and evolving at a fast pace. KT Corp is always looking for different ways to improve and find better solutions to best serve our customers, becoming R2 v3 and Rios certified, allowed us to further our growth and dedication to providing sustainable recycling solutions for our customers.

At KT Corp, we utilize well known wiping solutions for all our data sanitation and data destruction processes. KT Corp ensures that all internal and sensitive data once removed, is non-recoverable. We have been hard at work since our inception over 9 years ago and we perform stringent Quality Control functionality tests on all of the devices that are processed in our facility.

Our procedures comply with R2 v3 and Rios Certified Recycler standards. We understand that recycling and reusing electronics or e-scraping can be hazardous to the environment and can pose health risks. Becoming R2 v3 and Rios Recycler certified ensures that our company follows the best practices to alleviate the risk.

R2 v3 Certification

The electronics industry is constantly changing and to keep pace, our best practices and standards need to evolve as well. R2v3 incorporates our experience gained from more than a decade auditing and implementing the R2 Standard and reflects changes in the electronics landscape, customer demands, and the regulatory environment.

In fact, many of the changes in V3 are a result of feedback submitted by customers, members of the industry, and the public. The result is an R2 Standard that’s more powerful, better reflects today’s industry dynamics, and works even harder to protect data, people and the planet, while enriching lives all around the globe.

Rios Certified Recycler

Specifically designed for the recycling industry, Recycling Industry Operating Standard™ (RIOS™) brings quality, environment, health and safety together …

KT Corp BBB Certification

Better Business Bureau

As a BBB Accredited Business, our company is listed as a trustworthy business that operates with integrity and excellence.